...you have to go through what I've gone through to understand how I feel about this product.

Why we do what we do...

Patient Health Perspectives specializes in finding Patient-Advocates on behalf of our clients. We act as a proven liaison between healthcare organizations, Patient-Advocates, and patients. We manage these relationships with integrity and respect for all involved while ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations. In the process, we also manage interpersonal relationships and lend direct support to advocates and patients alike.


Healthcare is many things, but above all it is personal. Patients facing chronic or life-threatening illness are inevitably faced with a life-changing experience as well. Their world is changed as they search for inner strength and the will to live with a disease that may redefine their lives. Alone as they may feel, thousands of others have faced this challenge. These people have been there - as patients navigating tough choices.

We call these people Patient-Advocates, and they are uniquely positioned to inspire and support those who need it most. Having navigated the process and experienced the procedures, drugs and devices that led to a successful outcome, they are qualified to share this perspective with others. These are real patients, and their stories reflect real life.